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ZEITGEIST is built on one idea: Making change a reality. For this, we bring together a network of changemakers and combine values to develop an attitude towards the challenges of our time. The basis of our consulting are positive and inclusive values, which we not only formulate but also aim to put into practice.


We are convinced: consulting must make its contribution to positive, societal change and prepare parties, companies, associations as well as NGOs for ecological, economic and social transformations.


Our vision is to make a way of consulting the standard, which is based on positive values. The aim is to bring a better understanding of dialogue and data into society and to repeatedly question existing conditions with orientation during an era of transformative change.


With ZEITGEIST we are building the consulting of the future, which is decentralised, combines deep content expertise with communicative skills and frees itself from superfluous status and prefabricated structures.


Consulting must be collaborative, work individually and take account of the digital and organizational change towards more decentralized and modular thinking.


It is not the advice that determines the offer, customers initiate the generation of advice themselves.


The new art of advice is not to serve a ready-made structure. In the future of consulting, customers will build their own agency.


ZEITGEIST works in modules that can be combined according to individual needs and enable collaboration with different experts in a broad network of practitioners, creatives and consultants.


ZEITGEIST combines four pillars.



Based on values, ZEITGEIST seeks to work with those who are open to progress and make it available to others. Not primarily for oneself, but as a role model for society to transform and modernise markets.



Discourses change perspectives on how we see the world. They are at the heart of democracy, make it possible to get in touch with people on pertinent topics, offer solutions and create spaces for creativity. ZEITGEIST would like to make these issues accessible, inform and keep an eye on the big picture.



Strategic thinking needs the freedom to contemplate issues. ZEITGEIST aims to jointly develop an attitude towards the challenges of the time, to combine positive values, to develop effective messages and to support them with scientific and professional input.



Anyone who wants to foster exchange must use the power of networking. ZEITGEIST seeks to connect people, convey that success is always the result of many and bring people and ideas together in the right place at the right time.


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